PhytoVital Hops

Product information

water-soluble extract from hops

Article: 1289

Parameter Limit Unit Method
Appearance clear liquid
Colour yellowish
Volatiles matter min. 5,5 %
pH 4,0 - 6,5
Solubility in water clearly soluble

Conserved with Ethanol (does not contain glycol)

Humulus Lupulus Extract 8060-28-4 232-504-3 20-40
Aqua 7732-18-5 231-791-2 50-70
Alcohol denat. 64-17-5 200-578-6 10-24
Customs tarif no. 1302 19 70

PhytoVital - Hops is obtained through a gentle extraction of dried hop cones. The extract contains carbohydrates, different kinds of oligosaccharides and tannins. Amino acids and vitamins are found as well. The cosmetic effect of PhytoVital - Hops can be explained generally due to its woundhealing and anti-inflammation effect. Furthermore the extract has a sun protective and sunburn healing capacity. The emollient and moisture binding effects are based on the presence of different kinds of sugars in conjunction with amino acids. PhytoVital - Hops is thermally stable. In dark and closed containers it is stable at ambient temperature for a minimum of one year. Referenz: H.A. Hoppe, Drogenkunde (1981) / M. Pahlow, Heilpflanzen (1885) / H. Diener, Arzneipflanzen und Drogen (1989) / W. Karrer, Konst. u. Vorkommen der org. Pflanzenstoffe (1958) / M. Wichtl, Teedrogen (1989).

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