LipoActive Chamomile

Product information

Article: 1199

Parameter Limit Unit Method
Appearance (20 C)clear oil
Volatiles mattermax. 0,85%Ph. Eur. (2.2.32)
Relative density0,910 - 0,930g/mlPh. Eur. (2.2.5)
Fatty acid compositionPh. Eur. (2.4.22)
16:0 Palmitic acid7,00 - 14,00%Ph. Eur. (2.4.22)
18:0 Stearic acid1,00 - 6,00%Ph. Eur. (2.4.22)
18:1 Oleic acid19,00 - 30,00%Ph. Eur. (2.4.22)
18:2 Linoleic acid44,00 - 62,00%Ph. Eur. (2.4.22)
18:3 Linolenic acid4,00 - 11,00%Ph. Eur. (2.4.22)
Refrative index (20 C)1,47 - 1,48Ph. Eur. (2.2.6)
Glycine Soja Oil8001-22-7232-274-4> 50
Chamomilla Recutita Flower/Leaf Extract84082-60-0282-006-520 - 50
Tocopherol59-02-9200-412-20,1 - 1
Bisabolol515-69-5208-205-9< 0,1
Guaiazulene489-84-9207-701-2< 0,1
Customs tarif no.1302 19 70

LipoActive - Chamomile is obtained through a gentle extraction from the flowers of chamomile. The extract contains all oil-soluble ingredients. Most important are bisabolol and azulene, which is responsible for the blue colour. The cosmetic effect of LipoActive - Chamomile can be explained generally due to its woundhealing and anti-inflammation effect. Furthermore the extract has a sun protective and sunburn healing capacity. LipoActive - Chamomile is used for the care of dry, rough and scaly skin. Care preparations with an addition of LipoActive - Chamomile is effective against dry aged skin. Applied in baby care it protects the skin against soreness, in hand emulsions it helps against cracked and reddened skin. LipoActive - Chamomile is stable at ambient temperatures in the original unopened container for a minimum of one year.

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