LipoActive Carrot

Product information

Article: 1270

Parameter Limit Unit Method
Appearance at 20 C clear oil
Colour dark red
Volatiles matter max. 0,85 %
Daucus Carota Sativa Root Extract 84929-61-3 284-545-1 10-25
Glycine Soja Oil 8001-22-7 232-274-4 > 50
Tocopherol 59-02-9 200-412-2 0,1 - 1
beta-CAROTENE 7235-40-7 230-636-6 0,1 - 1
Customs tarif no. 1302 19 70

LipoActive - Carrot is derived by gentle extraction and followed by standardization of the carotene content. The LipoActive - extracts are finalized due to a special extraction process. The active principles in all natural products are dependent on time of harvest and climate. The modern phytotherapy has solved this problem as far as possible by standardizing the products to gain an exact reproduction. The extract contains mainly alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and other carotenoids dissolved in soybean oil and stabilized with tocopherols. Among all vegetables carrot is one of the richest in vitamins, especially pro-vitamin A. This is known as an efficient skin protector. Carotene eases sun tanning, regulates the formation of melanin and stimulates all growth functions. It is used to regenerate epidermis in case of burn. Pro-vitamin A, due to its anti-oxidant properties, protects the skin against the aggressions induced by free radicals and soothes inflammation. The effect of carotenoids is based mainly on their antioxidant characteristics. They are able to capture free radicals in a chemical reaction. Herewith they form together with Vitamin E and C a part of the defense system of the body against oxidative stress. Vitamins of the B family and pro-vitamin A help to regulate the sebaceous glands. LipoActive - Carrot exerts a soothing influence on skin and scalp. It is a restitutive product for the care of the skin, contributing to the healing process of cracked and reddened, dry, rough and scaly skin. It supports sun-care products in their effectiveness. The skin protection against UV-damage is based on two mechanisms, the protection against phototoxic effects of UV-rays in the skin and increased rejecting of UV-light out of the skin. Carotenoids which are extracted from their matrix within the plant cells of fruits and vegetables, are much easier resorbed by the skin. The extracted form of pro-vitamin A has a much higher biodisposal. Reference: H.A. Hoppe, Drogenkunde (1981) / H.Braun, D.Frohne, Heilpflanzenlexikon (1994) / J. Falbe, M. Regitz, Roempp Chemie Lexikon (1995) / M. Pahlow, das grosse Buch der Heilpflanzen (1885) / L. Bremness, Herbs, Eyewittness Handbook (1994) / W. Karrer, Konst. u. Vorkommen der org. Pflanzenstoffe (1958).

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