Product information

(Pentaerythritol Ester)

Article: 1341

Parameter Limit Unit Method
Appearance dark brown
Description solid
Smell at roomtemp. mild
Acid value max. 7 KOH mg/g Ph. Eur. (2.5.1)
Saponification value 130 - 200 KOH mg/g Ph. Eur. (2.5.6)
Melting point max. 53 C Ph. Eur. (2.2.15)
Loss on drying max. 0,5 % Ph. Eur. (2.2.32)
Colour max. 15 Gardner (visual)
Solubility clear % 10%w/w Miner. Spirit
INCI ./.
CAS 68440-09-5
EINECS 270-434-5
Customs tarif no. 3404900000

EWASOL EPS-24 is a Pentaerythritol Ester of Lanolin Fatty Acid for Lubricant and Antirust additives with good solubility in Isoparaffine. It can also be used for textile care. In the soluted form, EWASOL EPS-24 is ideal for coating metal surfaces in immersion baths.

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