Product information

(Lanolin Wax)

Article: 1410

Parameter Limit Unit Method
Melting point43-52CUSP/NF 741 class II
Loss on dryingmax. 0,2%USP/NF 731
Residue on ignitionmax. 0,1%USP/NF 281
Iodine value18 - 36g I2/100gUSP/NF 401
Saponification value90-110KOH mg/gUSP/NF 401
Colourmax. 6Gardner
Aciditymax. 2,0mLUSP/NF 401
Hydroxyl value20-35KOH mg/gUSP/NF 401
INCILanolin cera
Customs tarif no.1505 00 90

EWALAN Wax is the hard fraction that remains after physical extraction of lanolin oil from lanolin. It is used for various cosmetic applications.

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