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(Wool Alcohols Ph. Eur. 10.0)

Article: 1026

Parameter Limit Unit Method
Characters Ph. Eur. Ph. Eur.
Identification and purity Ph. Eur. Ph. Eur.
Appearance of solution Ph. Eur. Ph. Eur. (2.2.1)
Acesent or alkaline reacting substance Ph. Eur. Ph. Eur.
Melting point min. 56 C Ph. Eur. (2.2.15)
Acid value max. 2 KOH mg/g Ph. Eur. (2.5.1)
Hydroxyl value 120 - 180 KOH mg/g Ph. Eur. (2.5.3 A)
Peroxide value max. 15 meq O2/kg Ph. Eur. (2.5.5 A)
Saponification value max. 12 KOH mg/g Ph. Eur. (2.5.6)
Butylhydroxytoluene max. 200 ppm Ph. Eur. (2.2.28)
Loss on drying max. 0,5 % Ph. Eur. (2.2.32)
Sulphated ash max. 0,1 % Ph. Eur. (2.4.16)
Water absorption capacity Ph. Eur. Ph. Eur.
Cholesterol content min. 30 % Ph. Eur.
Free fatty acids max. 1 %
Form pastills
INCI Lanolin Alcohol
CAS 8027-33-6
EINECS 232-430-1
Customs tarif no. 1505 00 90

EWACERIN Type K is a woolwax-alcohol according to the latest Ph. Eur. It is used as co-emulsifier in cosmetic and pharmaceutic formulations. Origin of wool grease: Australia & New Zealand.

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