Product information

(Beeswax white Ph. Eur. 9.0)

Article: 1001

Parameter Limit Unit Method
Drop point61 - 66CASTM D 3954
Saponification value87 - 104KOH mg/gASTM D 1387
Ester value70 - 80Ph. Eur.(2.5.2)
Ceresin, paraffins and other waxes59 - 65CPh. Eur.
Acid value17 - 24KOH mg/gASTM D 1386
Glycerol and other polyolsmax. 0,5%Ph. Eur.
Colourmax. 5,9Gardner
CharactersPh. Eur.Ph. Eur.
INCICera Alba
Customs tarif no.1521 90 99

EWACERA 12 is a pure natural Beeswax. It is processed from raw-beeswaxes of different origins. Bleaching is done without chemicals, solely with bleaching earth. EWACERA 12 gives consistency to cosmetic and pharmaceutic formulations. EWACERA 12 meets the microbiological requirements of Ph. Eur. 5.1.4.

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