Microencapsulated Woolwax

Product information

(Woolwax/Esterwax capsules)

Article: 1413

Parameter Limit Unit Method
CharactersPh. Eur.Ph. Eur.
Identification and purityPh. Eur.Ph. Eur.
Water-soluble acid or alkaline substancesPh. Eur.Ph. Eur.
Drop point38 - 44CPh. Eur. (2.2.17)
Water absorbtion capacitymin. 30*mLPh. Eur.
Acid valuemax. 1,0KOH mg/gPh. Eur. (2.5.1)
Peroxide valuemax. 10*meq O2/kgPh. Eur. (2.5.5 A)
Saponification value90 - 105KOH mg/gPh. Eur. (2.5.6)
Water soluble oxidisable substancesPh. Eur.Ph. Eur.
Butylhydroxytoluenemax. 100*ppmPh. Eur. (2.2.28)
Paraffinsmax. 1,0%Ph. Eur.
total pesticide residuesmax. 1ppmPh. Eur.
Chloridemax. 150ppmPh. Eur.
Loss on dryingmax. 0,25*%Ph. Eur. (2.2.32)
Sulphated ashmax. 0,10*%Ph. Eur. (2.4.14)
Colour6 - 8Gardner (visual)
Iodine value18 - 36 *g I2/100gJP/USP (Hanus)
Odourcharacterist.Ph. Eur.
Microbiological purityPh. Eur.Ph. Eur.
Pesticide residues:
- organochlorine pesticidesmax. 0,05/Pest.ppmPh. Eur.
- other pesticidesmax. 0,5/Pest.ppmPh. Eur.

* = Limit better than in a.m. monograph!

INCIGlycol Montanate, Lanolin
CAS73138-45-1, 8006-54-0
EINECS277-291-8, 232-348-6
CoS /TSERI-CEP 2002-124 Rev. 01
Customs tarif no.27129019

Microencapsulated Woolwax: Capsule diameter: 1mm, content of woolwax in woolwax/esterwax composition: 30%. This specification describes only the woolwax content of the capsule.

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