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(Lanolin oil)

Article: 1014

Parameter Limit Unit Method
Acid valuemax. 1KOH mg/gPh. Eur. (2.5.1)
Cloud pointmax. 20CASTM D97-66
Loss on dryingmax. 0,5%Ph. Eur. (2.2.32)
Sulphated ashmax. 0,1%Ph. Eur. (2.4.14)
Saponification value90 - 110KOH mg/gPh. Eur. (2.5.6)
Colourmax. 8Gardner (visual)
Paraffinsmax. 1,0%Ph. Eur.
Peroxide valuemax. 20meq O2/kgPh. Eur. (2.5.5 A)
Pesticide residue (total)max. 1ppmPh. Eur.
Butylhydroxytolueneno detectppmPh. Eur. (2.2.28)
Iodine value18-36Hanus
Free fatty acidsmax. 0,5%Ph. Eur. (2.5.1)
INCILanolin Oil
Customs tarif no.1505 00 90

EWALAN FL-50 PA is a premium grade Lanolin Oil. It has a very low melting point and excellent odor. EWALAN FL-50 PA is the liquid fraction of pharmaceutical grade lanolin anhydr., extracted simply by crystallization, without any additives. EWALAN FL-50 PA has a re-test date of two years. Shelf life can be extended for another year if Peroxide Value, Acid Value and Color are re-analyzed and found well within above limits after two years.

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